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Kevin Morrissey
02 December 2009 @ 09:26 pm
Arrrgh.... I know its a remake, and its for the damn Wii, and there's no combat, but I really, really, really want to play it anyway. I can't deny it, this trailer pumped me up. Its Silent Hill, after all. And new music by Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn!!!!!!!


Link Below for Trailer:


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It's coming out next January for the PS2 and PSP, but the whole experience this time was built around the Wii remote, so I'm afraid I'll feel like I'm playing a sub-par port if I settle for one of those versions. Sigh, what to do...
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Kevin Morrissey
31 October 2009 @ 10:18 pm
And farewell to another great October. Jess and I just got back from our Halloween night tradition of seeing the newest Saw film, and part VI did not disappoint. I hope everyone out there had a good holiday as well! Now I'm off to kill some zombies and finally get caught up on the Resident Evil games. -Ciao!
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Kevin Morrissey
03 August 2009 @ 09:12 pm
Here I present to you two videos that recently had me laughing my freaking ass off. I just had to share them in case there's anyone reading this that hasn't yet seen them. Both are anime related.

The first is Conan O'Brien visiting Bang Zoom! Entertainment, the US anime dubbing studio, and getting some booth time where he does some improvised voiceovers to the classic Ghost in the Shell movie.

The second is a video someone made showing Hitler responding to this Haruhi Endless Eight nightmare, (If you aren't watching Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2, basically the same episode has been re-animated and shown 8 times already, with no sign yet of stopping) which is pissing a lot of fans off, but I'll be quite honest that I think its pretty goddamn hilarious. So is this video.

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Kevin Morrissey
Hello all! First off, I'd like to report that I am now 29, as of this past Saturday. It's still sinking in that next year at this time I'll be 30. Ye gods I'm getting old. ;__;

Anyhoo, Otakon 2009 wrapped up a week and a day ago, and I've been promising quite a few people ever since we've been back that I would post some photos and give an official report of this year's biggest anime con on the east coast. So, without further ado...

WARNING - LOTS of pics and graphics under cut!Collapse )

Well, that is certainly all for now, seeing how I've been typing for over an hour. O_o; Hope everyone enjoys the pics.

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Kevin Morrissey
04 July 2009 @ 01:28 pm
So much new Eva stuff, where to begin? This had better go under a cut.

Read on for new Eva 2.0 pics and info and other nifty stuff!!!Collapse )
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Kevin Morrissey
17 June 2009 @ 11:42 pm
I am happy to announce that I have finally finished painting my first Sculpey figurine project (hopefully the first of many to come) and as promised took some pics to show off my handiwork. Behold, the great demon of punishment himself, the being commonly known as Pyramid Head!!!

WARNING: Slightly graphic content (Blood splattered robe)Collapse )

And because I was feeling artsy on the night I took the pics, here are a few experimental camera shots I took using different lighting and effects, for your amusement. I thought some of them turned out pretty nifty, if i do say so myself.

Artsy pics of Pyramid Head (Same WARNING as above applies)Collapse )

Well, there you have it. Comments and questions are welcome! I was originally planning on doing Isaac Clarke from Deadspace next (Level 5 suit version) but I was reading the new Game Informer just today and saw that Neca Reel Toys is already making one that looks like it's going to be pretty badass. It was an interesting article, actually, because it shows a step-by-step of how figurines are first modeled from clay and then molded into plastic, using the upcoming Deadspace figure as an example. How's that for a weird coincidence?

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed the pics of PH as much as I enjoyed making him!

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Kevin Morrissey
10 June 2009 @ 11:13 pm
So far I'm pretty happy with how my Silent Hill 'Red Pyramid' Sculpy project is coming along, so I thought I'd upload a few more in-progress pics for anyone interested. These were taken after I finished sanding and fine tooling him to sharpen the details. I've also included pics of his weapons, the spear and Great Knife, which I made since my last post.

Behold the horror!Collapse )

I've also been tossing around the idea of making a display base, but I haven't made up my mind yet. He stands pretty well on his own, but you can never have too much stability in a figurine. I'm pretty sure I'd cry if found him broken one day because he fell off a high shelf. T___T

I'll be sure to post again when I'm finished painting. Again, comments are welcome and appreciated!

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Kevin Morrissey

Yes, you read that right, and no, this isn't a practical joke, nor it is the fun but substance-lacking super-deformed Haruhi-chan series that's been on Japanese TV of late. The long wait is finally over - This is the real deal Season 2. In a sneaky sort of move, there have been viral-esque ads in Japanese anime mags the last few months hinting at 'something' big coming soon having to do with the series (See above ad that ran in a recent Newtype) but nothing specific. Various TV stations then began re-airing the first season last month, but this time in chronological order, leading many to believe that this was all the ads meant, but after the re-airing of episode 14 (the last episode of the original) fans were surprised to see the series continue last week with a brand new episode! The studio has since come clean, and announced it is only the beginning. I just finished watching the episode, "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody" hot off the fansub block, and it looks like its going to be another wild ride. This season is going to apparently cover the rest of the material from the original light novels that was never animated in Season 1, and promises many new revelations about Haruhi's true nature/purpose in the grand scheme of things and also of all those around her. This episode hit the ground running, with poor Kyon already learning more things he wished he never knew when Mikuru takes him on a jaunt 3 years into the past. I'm already hooked all over again!
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Kevin Morrissey
19 May 2009 @ 10:01 pm
Well, we just finished watching Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

Um, yeeeaah. What to say about this movie. Well, as you may or may not know it's the newest Studio Ghibli film, not to mention a Hayao Miyazaki original. The story is based somewhat (and I stress somewhat) on the story of the little mermaid. The title character is a small, magical fishlike creature with a human face (Ponyo - see picture) that ends up accidentally washing up on shore somewhere in Japan and found/saved by a young boy. The fish-like creature grows attached to the boy in their short time together and dreams of becoming human so she can be his friend. The movie's sort-of villian is a sallow faced ex-human magician (who kind of looks like a crack-addicted transvestite with a sleeping disorder) who lives in a mushroom covered house beneath the sea and breathes water like a fish. He is actually Ponyo's father, who for some reason hates the human race and dreams of destroying them someday. He is therefore against Ponyo becoming human and tries to bring her back to his house beneath the sea. What starts out as a simple enough plot however quickly transforms into a series of bizarrely surreal events and imagery. I don't want to spoil too much for those who haven't seen it yet, but the turns this story takes before it reaches its odd conclusion may cause more than a bit of head scratching. At times it leaves you completely unsure of what exactly is going on and where the story is going. The animation is beautiful, as with all Ghibli films, but the plot ends up so out in left field it leads me to believe either Miyazaki is going senile or was dropping acid when he wrote this story. (Maybe while staring wide-eyed at a fish tank for hours.) Don't get me wrong, I'm a long time Ghibli fan and I did enjoy it, but for far different reasons than most of his recent work. This story was much less serious and more light-hearted than say Howl's or Mononoke, and seemed to be more about making trippy imagery and causing a few laughs than telling any kind of serious story. Every time you start to think the plot's going to have a serious turn it ends up throwing you for a loop instead, like a random conversation about soup and sandwiches becoming breast milk shortly after a biblical level flood and the sudden unexplained appearance of long extinct prehistoric aquatic creatures that really bear no importance to the story. Yeah. It's possibly the weirdest and most incoherent thing he's ever made, but in a way that's kind of its charm, too. Oh, did i mention that Ponyo likes to eat ham?

ponyo eats ham
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Kevin Morrissey
17 May 2009 @ 09:04 pm
Well, I've decided to take my fandom (obsession?) of Silent Hill to the next level. It's been bugging me for years now that there's no real official Silent Hill merchandise in the way of collectible figurines. The fact that Konami has never shown any indication of making a single statue or figurine astounds me, because I'm sure they would sell like crazy. You just need to look at all the Silent Hill fanatics every year at Otakon to know the series has a cult following. So anyway, I decided that my figurine collection has been lacking a Pyramid Head figure for way too long, and last night finally took matters into my own hands:

This is what happens when I get near Sculpy. Hehe...Collapse )
Yeah, I'm well aware I'm an ubergeek, but I am what I am. Being a purist geek as well, I wanted to do the original video game version. Anyone who has only seen him in the movie may notice the actual Pyramid head is shaped a bit differently. This is how he looked when he first appeared in Silent Hill 2 back in the day. I looked around on Ebay today for the hell of it to see if anyone had any customs of their own for sale (There almost always are) and per usual they are all based on the look of the film. I've never once seen a figure/statue, etc. of his original game form that anyone made. And yes, I'm working on the great knife and spear as accessories, hence the rudimentary holes in his hands.

I was originally going to wait until it was done and painted to post this, but I was so happy at how it was turning out so far (This is my first attempt at using Sculpy) that I decided to post some work in progress pics. If it turns out really well when I'm done, I might make some other Silent Hill monsters too. You only ever see customs of PH and the nurses, so I plan to make some of the more under appreciated fiends. If I really get good at this, I might even do some figures based on Bioshock or Deadspace. I'll be sure to post finished painted pics when I'm finished.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome!

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